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Collaborating and Assisting Community Foundations

Helping Manage Information

Part of our mission of The Community Foundation of the Upper Peninsula (CFUP) is to collaborate and assist other community foundations throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula and surrounding areas. The CFUP, located in Escanaba, provides information management services through its hub, and enables local community foundations that are not affiliated with CFUP to obtain a complete information service for a very reasonable monthly fee for their foundation.

FMS forms for e-mail or faxing submission of donor profiles, gifts, vendors, and grants are available through us. At the time of receipt, we process forms, enter information into the system software, and prepare donor letters. Donor letters that we prepare are e-mailed to the submitting foundation so they can be printed, signed, and sent off by the submitting organization.


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• We Provide Either Monthly Or Quarterly Financial Statements As Requested for Trustee Meetings
• Upon Request, We Will Provide Donor, Grant, Or Other Informational Reports
• We Provide Documentation and Reports for Your Annual Audit
• We Enter All Receivables and Payables Information Into the System
• We Maintain Donor Information, Gifts, Grants, Financial Data, Etc.

Administrative Services

Our Administrative Services Include the Following
• Compliance With State/Federal Regulations
• Providing Training To Affiliate Partners, Boards, and Staff
• Assist In Fund Development
• Draft Policies and Procedures For Board Action
• Undertake Compliance With National Standards
• Provide Marketing and Public Relations Services
• Coordinate Upper Peninsula Wide Youth Advisory Committee Activities

All Information Services Include:
• Monthly Financial Reports
• Donor Records (Including Donor History)
• Gift Management, Including Donor Letters
• Grants Management
• Vendor And Grantee Records and Payment History
• Payroll Services (State/Federal Reporting)
• Annual Report/Audit
• Budget Preparation, Investment Reports

Additional Information

Included in each proposal is a termination provision where either party may terminate the agreement upon a ninety-day written notice to the other party. Our foundation has the capability, expertise, and desire to provide the best service for our clients. We do so in a more economically friendly direction for everyone involved, providing accurate financial information so your board of trustees can make better decisions concerning financial matters. The monthly fee in question depends on the level of manpower that goes into every project that a foundation requests. The harder and more time-intensive a project, the more it may cost.