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For Good. For Ever.

Donating and Granting for a Better Community

Giving Back to the Community

Granting back to the community is a huge part of what the CFUP does. During 2016 the CFUP granted over $1,300,000.00 back into the communities that are served. 

By wisely investing the donations to the funds, the CFUP is able to utilize what is given by the community to give back to the community. 

Scholarships are a very important part of the CFUP mission as it wants to invest in our youth and encourage continuing education.  We understand and appreciate not every student is college bound, but want to help our youth have a plan for their future, whether it's a trade, certificate or degree.

UP Sustainable Forest & Wildlife Grant Application

       April 1st & October 1st

Delta Grant Application

       April 1st & October 1st

Delta YAC Grant Application

       April 1st & October 1st

Help the Community and Make a Donation

If there is ever a time you wish to aid others, The Community Foundation of the Upper Peninsula offers you the chance through a variety of means and options. Where online donations are accepted, we also accept donations in the form of securities, real estate, and more within the Michigan area. The names of all donors will be listed in our publications, unless anonymity is requested by the donor or their representative. Amounts of contributions, except in accordance with the law, will not be listed. Contributions are reported as a whole in the annual report. Gifts and contributors are reported in the IRS Form 990 as required by law. All gifts and donations are accepted within the Upper Peninsula, including Escanaba.

Cash Donations

Any cash donation is accepted and appreciated from our generous donors. Any online donations are accepted at our site Network for Good. Make our community stronger when you make a donation to our cause.


Publicly Traded and Closely Held Securities:

These securities will be accepted at fair market value on the day they are booked in our financial institution. Securities will be sold as soon as possible and either gain or loss will be booked to the same fund of the initial donation. It is the donor's responsibility to obtain any necessary appraisals of securities. Closely held securities are accepted only with board approval.

Bequests/Trusts/Retirement Plan Assets Pledges


Bequests received will be applied for the charitable purpose requested by the donor, as long as those purposes are reasonable and practical, and within the broad mission of the Foundation.

Retirement Plan Assets:

Retirement Plan Assets received will be applied for charitable purposes documented by the donor, and as with a bequest, a permanently named fund can be established, assuming proceeds are greater than $5,000.


Under a pledge, the donor irrevocably pledges to make a sizeable donation payable over a several-year time frame. Payments are usually made annually over a five-year period.

Real Estate

Any unencumbered real estate will be accepted at fair market value as established by at least one qualified appraisal. As a general rule, real estate valued at less than $25,000 will not be accepted. Before acceptance of real estate as a gift, the Foundation and the donor must agree in writing on arrangements for paying expenses associated with the property prior to sale, such as taxes, environmental evaluations, insurance, and maintenance and cannot be legally obligated as to the disposition of the property following the gift. This version of donation is accepted with board approval only.

Tangible Personal Property

Tangible property may be accepted as a gift. The Foundation and donor must comply with Treasury regulations for obtaining and reporting qualified appraisals. This type of donation is only accepted with board approval.

Life Insurance Policy

The Foundation may accept gifts of life insurance policies where we are named as both owner and beneficiary. Prior to accepting a policy requiring ongoing premium payment, the Foundation shall reserve the right to decide the policy future in the event the donor defaults on premium payments. This type of donation is accepted with board approval only.

Partnership Interests

The acceptability of a gift of a limited partnership interest will depend on the ultimate financial liability of the Foundation and the amount of management attention required. Each case will be evaluated prior to acceptance. This type of donation is accepted with board approval only.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Under a charitable gift annuity, a donor irrevocably transfers assets to the Foundation in exchange for a commitment by the Foundation to pay the donor or beneficiaries designated by the donor, a specified amount each year for the life or lives of the designated beneficiaries. The annuity payments can either commence immediately or commencement can be deferred to a later date specified by the donor. This type of donation is accepted with board approval only.